Agri Monitor

Future of the Controlled Environment Agriculture

As the human population grows, space keeps becoming an issue and it is estimated that in the near future 11 billion people need to feed with 33 billion meals a day. So, it is becoming more crucial to produce more crops in a limited space.

Our system analysis plant growth on various levels

Benefits of Aircubic Agro


  • Rich Metrics about your Farm
  • Reliable Year-round crop production
  • Detect pest & plant disease
  • Reduce water usage
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce labor cost
  • No weather-related crop failures

How does it work

A controlled environment farming specialized for soil-less farming built to work against the changing climate and at the same time producing fresh, chemical free produce.


Indoor farms scale as they are built around the perfect environment for vegetables, reducing the unpredictability from day to day changing climates.


Plants require specific kind of heat and cold. The air inside indoor farms is filtered and kept at the ideal temperature and humidity and composition of Co2.


The growth lights utilized in vertical farms require specific light Intensity in the ideal spectrums and amounts for the photosynthesis. These photosynthetic wavelengths optimize yields.


Vertical farming produce crops with 70-95 percent less water than required for normal cultivation. The sensors measures dissolved oxygen, Ph and water temperature and provide adequate condition for the optimal growth.