AirCubic - Environment Monitoring system for your family and friends
IoT System that monitor Real Time indoor and outdoor Air Quality around you.

AirCubic System = Mobile App + IoT Hardware Device + Dashboard

The vision behind Aircubic is to Transform the health experience by fitting powerful, easy-to-use technology into an elegant, all-in-one design.

The Aircubic takes that idea to the next level - giving you insights and ability to improve your Indoor Air Quality.
Aircubic is packed with the latest technology, Brilliant Software, and phenomenal Insights. All coming to life on your mobile phone.

Key features of AirCubic

AirCubic IoT system records & notify about the physical environment in Real Time with key parameters such as Air Quality & harmful gases in your surroundings and what measurable steps could be taken to avoid any health risk due to the Air pollution

● AirCubic generate deeper analytics like comfort index, productivity index for the user.

● Provide harmful gases around you and recommendations to avoid any health risk.

● Provide outdoor Air quality (district level) to help the user for planning their
outdoor activity (e.g., avoid outdoor sport in case of bad air quality etc.)

● Provide a detailed comparison of the Indoor and Outdoor Air quality data and thus provide recommendations (e.g., close window in case outdoor air quality is bad to avoid same impact inside your home or office)

● Map to show dust particle movements.

● Hourly, daily and weekly weather forecast.

● Weekly forecast for Air Quality.

Why do you need AirCubic

Use Cases
We have designed Aircubic with aesthetics that can be integrated to any space


Protect your child health at School

Students generally start catching breathing disease like Asthma even at younger age and
sometimes we neglect the physical or environmental factors.

AirCubic can monitor these harmful parameters at their School and in Class. and depend on the need will provide personalized notification to you and school authorities.

Along with measures to be taken in this scenario and can also be used to trigger available solutions (Air purifier etc.).

Expected Outcome:
– Reduce sources of health problems among students and teachers.
– Inhibit the spread of airborne infections.
– Help keep pollutants, stable air and mold growth out of the classroom & school.
– Healthier environment can bring students to school by increasing Average Daily Attendance (ADA)
– With IoT device(Aircubic) placed in school & classrooms will bring awareness in students about climate change


Gym Air contains high level of Carbon dioxide, airborne dust and formaldehyde. And almost no Gym monitor their Indoor air quality. Which raises  a question whether the Gym are as healthy as they should be?

Exercise in polluted air is undesirable and these substances can contribute to asthma , respiratory problem, fatigue and cognitive fogginess even

if you are in admirably good shape.


Wide range of pollutants could be present in the hospitals like chemical compound, pathogens and dust. Thus, Managing air quality can be challenging.


Office workers experience many health symptoms caused by indoor air pollution.
Symptoms as headache, upper respiratory congestion, sinus discomfort, and eye irritation are the result of contaminated air.


We often think more about outdoor air pollution, but it is also important to think about the quality of our indoor Air.
As we spend so much time indoors.

Symptoms seen at home caused due to Indoor air problem:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Coughing
  • Runny nose
  • Wheezing
  • Headaches
  • Dry/itchy eyes
  • Skin rash
  • Fatigue


Studies demonstrate the direct influence of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels has a significant impact on workers productivity and their health.