An IoT System to monitor indoor & outdoor Air Quality around you
Healthier. liveable. Indoors​.

AirCubic records & notify about the physical environment with key parameters such as Air Quality & harmful gases in your surroundings and what measurable steps could be taken to avoid any health risk due to the Air pollution

Your Indoor Environment Assistant
Aircubic helps you understand what is present in your environment
Hyperlocal AQ at your fingertips
Aircubic helps you understand the indoor pollution
How indoor pollution effects your health
How crucial is the AQ effects your family & children
Our Intelligent Algorithms helps you understand the Air
The source of air pollutants
Pollution causing agents that are present in your environment

The vision behind Aircubic: Transform the health experience by fitting powerful, easy-to-use technology into an elegant, all-in-one design.
The Aircubic takes that idea to the next level - giving you insights and ability to improve your IAQ.
Aircubic is packed with the latest technology, Brilliant Software, and phenomenal Insights.
All coming to life on your mobile phone.

Rich Metrices about your environment
Actionable Insights on fingertips
All in one IoT Enabled solution Integrated

We have designed Aircubic with asthetics that can be integrated to any spaces