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Monitoring your Air Quality at scale

All in one, State of the Art IoT enabled hardware equipped with Military grade sensors extracting all the gases present in your environment, Easy to setup and easy to carry any where Aircubic hardware Device. 

DEEp Dive into Analytics

The Aircubic Dashboard contains all devices stats for organisations and Aircubic Device network.

Highest rated Air Quality app

Air Quality and weather ⛅ app – weather forecast, AQI forecast, pollution, pollutants, earthquake alert and earthquake map 🗺️.


Product & Services

Aircubic API

Street Level AQI

Aircubic IoT Device

Indoor Monitoring


All In one Air Quality APP

Agri Monitor

controlled agriculture


sustainable development

Agri Monitor: future of the controlled environment agriculture

As the human population grows, space keeps becoming an issue and it is estimated that in the near future 11 billion people need to feed with 33 billion meals a day. 

So, it is becoming more crucial to produce more crops in a limited space.

Our system analysis plant growth on various levels

Market specific IoT solution

The vision behind Aircubic is to Transform the health experience by fitting powerful, easy-to-use technology into an elegant, all-in-one design.

The Aircubic takes that idea to the next level – giving you insights and ability to improve your Indoor Air Quality.
Aircubic is packed with the latest technology, Brilliant Software, and phenomenal Insights. All coming to life on your mobile phone.

AirCubic IoT system records & notify about the physical environment in Real Time with key parameters such as Air Quality & harmful gases in your surroundings and what measurable steps could be taken to avoid any health risk due to the Air pollution.
We are continuously working to make it available for industry as well as to make our living spaces healthy and sustainable.
Our IoT system could be integrated into any Indoor
Hospitals, Offices, Factory, Gym and Schools.

Who we are

Junoterra is an environment research company founded software and AI experts.

We have a diverse skilled team including experienced Environment and Data Scientists.

Our Vision: Environmental awareness through technology for sustainable development.

Our Mission: To create new technology-based smart solutions for Clean Air to the benefit of people and the environment.

Our Values:

People: We are committed to working for the community and our partners.

Passion: We are passionate to find state of art and affordable solutions in our industry.

Place: We work towards building a better place for the future generations.

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