Aircubic (SaaS Solution)

Better Air Using AI


Reduce your emission with Data driven service and make Indoor Air Quality the most valuable Asset.


We help you create & maintain healthy liveable Indoors by Empowering Individual and Business

Take charge of your indoor environment take charge of your health.


Get access to the data of your indoors first, at least 10 vital parameters exist in our indoor spaces including some harmful gases.


Understand the trend of data that shows hidden patterns & Extrapolate the risk of indoor occupant health.


Analysis based Recommendations to act & minimise the health Risk of indoor occupants.


24x7 Monitoring

Each & Every space of you building & spaces covered & connected with real time stats in your hand with the help of Aircubic.

Data Driven Monitoring in Real time Environment with 24×7 live stream with state of the Art equipped IOT Device. 


Streams Per Day


Streams Per Week


Streams Per Month

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Role of Extreme Temperature variations on human health

Role of Extreme Temperature variations on human health

Temperature plays an important role in affecting human health. There are not many research studies available in this aspect; still the evidence available is enough to show that temperature affects the human health negatively. Both higher and lower temperatures can decrease the performance and hinder the learning activity. For regions with temperate or cold climates, …

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Role of CO (Carbon Monoxide) on human health & its Impact

Role of CO (Carbon Monoxide) on human health & its Impact

CO (Carbon monoxide) is known as the silent killer and its negative side has been investigated for many years. It is one of the most common and widely distributed air pollutants. It is known that CO is the diatomic oxide of carbon which is a colorless and odorless gas. This invisible and chemically inert gas …

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Role of CO2 on human health and its impact

Role of CO2 on human health and its impact

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is naturally present in the atmosphere in concentrations ranging from 0.03 to 0.06 %. But like all other pollutants in the atmosphere, the anthropogenic sources of CO2 are higher than the natural sources. CO2 is generally used in industries like agro production industries for cooling, conserving, and medical applications. The average ambient …

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Amazed to see the capabilities and features of the Aircubic. It really has opened a lot of information for us that we wouldn't see otherwise.

Subhash Chander Director

Its a great pick! Aircubic air quality device is a great one to explore. It gives seamless understanding of our indoor air quality parameters and helps us in building the gap. We were able to improve the indoor air quality by organic methods as suggested by Aircubic.

R Balasubramanian Founder

I wish we had signed up sooner. Within 1 month of setting up Aircubic, our Indoor air quality improved by 35%.​

Vivek Rathod Managing Director

Really impressed! how it helped us to avoid contamination to air quality in our workshop.

Sandeep Thakur Founder and CEO

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