Monitoring your Air Quality at scale

All in one, State of the Art IoT enabled hardware equipped with Military grade sensors extracting all the gases present in your environment, Easy to setup and easy to carry any where Aircubic hardware Device. 

DEEp Dive into Analytics

The Aircubic Dashboard contains all devices stats for organisations and Aircubic Device network.

Highest rated Air Quality app

Air Quality and weather ⛅ app – weather forecast, AQI forecast, pollution, pollutants, earthquake alert and earthquake map 🗺️.


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Aircubic API

Street Level AQI

Aircubic IoT Device

Indoor Monitoring


All In one Air Quality APP

AirCubic is the perfect solution for :

Hospitals, Offices, Housing Societies and Schools and we are continuously working on our product to make it available for the other industries as well to make our living spaces healthy and sustainable. 

WE are accepting applications for the pilot program

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